T'is The Season...

Ah, the “joys” of working at a game store during the holidays.

I’ve been bumped up to 6 days a week (including Sundays), starting last week, which is super fun (it’s not), but that’s okay. A bit more money means a bit more money saved for my trip to Japan and for editing costs for Novel 4… whenever I get a chance to finish it.

I’m doing okay with that one… 40,000 words still, and I’ve reached a point where I may have to walk away from it for a little while to figure a way out of the hole I’ve written myself into. I don’t suspect it will take long to figure out (one of the joys of sci-fi is the ability to reverse the polarity or realign the dilithium or whatever you need to do to magic your way out of a problem), but I do want to do the original source material justice.

Plus, I really like Tintian. She’s a fun character, and SN0-EE was a small stroke of genius if I do say so myself.

Anyway, goal is still to have the story finished by the end of January at the absolute latest, which means working on it at least infrequently during the holidays.

Ha. Holidays. Maybe some day.

Anyway! Otherwise, things are good. I’ve had a surprisingly productive morning (prepped my bike for winter riding, changed the tires on my partner’s car, assembled and prepped more stuff for work), and I had a very busy but satisfying day yesterday, so really, in the grand scheme of things, life is pretty good.

Wow, that felt good to write… Anyway! Back to it. I still have almost an hour before I have to be at work!