You Say "Vacation", I Say "Writer's Retreat"

I mean, strictly speaking, it’s not really a retreat. My consort and I just rented a small room in the middle of nowhere (Ontario has an awful lot of “middle of nowhere”), with nothing interesting nearby and not a lot to do…

Except write. That’s my plan, for the next 4 nights. Wake up, eat crumpets (because I assure you it’s not a vacation until somebody toasts a crumpet), and then write until I pass out at night.

Exciting? No. But I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. We made the 2 hour drive earlier today, and despite the WiFi being a little spotty, I’m already happier.

My current goal is a modest 70,000 words written by Saturday night. That’s only 17,500 words per day, which is reasonable, right? Right.

Anyway, I’ll write a follow-up on Saturday when we get back home, but for now… writing, ho!