Cover Art All Sorted!

So Novel 2 has a cover! Glee!

If you go look at the front page of the site, it’ll be right there, next to “Tintian and the King’s Claw”… I’m excited! I am all the excites!

I’ve completed about half of the HTML coding needed to self-publish a book, and so far things are coming along nicely. With a little luck, I’ll finish the HTML and then have the time needed to do little things (like write a thank you at the end of the book, giving my heartfelt thanks to all my Patreon supporters out there helping me through this process!).

No Omnibus this time… too expensive to purchase the different covers, and it didn’t get a lot of traction last time. Maybe in the future, when I have the time to devote to publishing multiple shorter works, but for now, just the one book, going out in November.

Novel 3 is still with the exceptional people I would really, really like to be my agents, and progress on Novel 4, as we know, is coming along slowly but steadily. This speed-bump of getting “Starconvoy EH-76” prepped for publishing means that I may not finish Novel 4 this year, but if that’s the cost of actually finishing one of my books… such is life.

Anyway! I’m very happy with the silly little cover my silly little book has (and I can’t wait to release it on the universe!)… hopefully you guys are excited too!