Ad Astra 2017

Well, among a very busy weekend I managed to spend a few hours at Ad Astra 2017.

It was an interesting experience. I met some nice people, and overall it was a positive experience, but I very much felt like an outsider looking in.

I happened to run into another author-friend of mine (two, actually, but one of them is a professional, paid author who won the "Writers of the Future" award a few years back), and that pretty much cemented how little I'm a part of the "in" crowd at these sorts of things. Still, I attended some great talks and I'm definitely glad I went.

Oh! I attended a panel that had 5 female authors! That was pretty damn amazing.

There was a seminar on defining "Space Opera", and that alone was probably worth the price of admission. I do hope that next year they spread out the sci-fi panels, though.

Anyway! Enough of that. Looking forward to getting fingers back on keys tomorrow!