Almost Done another Short Story! And why I Hate Special Relativity...

This one is a bit longer than my last handful, currently weighing in around 7,000 words. I'm pretty happy with it, although it's required me to do way more math than my usual stories.

On the plus side, I think it's a better story by the inclusion of me crunching the numbers to determine some relativistic issues. The core of the story involves a sleeper ship (cryogenics is such a neat idea!) that travels thousands and thousands of years to a world to colonize it. I needed to determine how old the ship would be if it manages a respectable 0.6c velocity.

There are still some hiccups (acceleration is the big one... my calculations currently assume that the ship just gets up to 0.6c instantly, and decelerates instantly when it arrives), but I'm going to go ahead and say it's good enough for hard sci-fi and leave it at that. If Andy Weir can have an interplanetary ship powered by magic, I can have one that speeds up and slows down really quickly!

Anyway! Going to submit it tomorrow, after I finish polishing it up today.