Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Ah, Mondays. For many of us, the busiest day of the week as we scramble to catch up to the work "missed" over two days of relaxation.

For others of us (like, say, writers!), just another day to sit down at the keyboard and crank out more work.

I'm still polishing that story I finished last week. I'm unhappy with it, which usually means it needs a bit more time. At least I figured out the math problems... at least I hope so. Gotta double check that I've changed the numbers throughout the entire piece. Went from a 300 year voyage to a 12,000 year one (to a star significantly further away).

Also dreaming about the next story (as I frequently do). I want to write something more... explode-y. This story is a slow-burn thinker, and I miss writing sorta-silly, action-packed stories. Means I'll have to go for a longer format, but to be honest I've always felt a bit more comfortable with longer stories anyway.

Probably just because it takes much longer before the story is ready to edit. And I do hate editing...

Anyway! Back to the grindstone! Hope everyone is having a great month!