So Long MacGuffins!

Today, my writing group dissolved.
About 2 years ago I joined a group of writers that met alternating weeks at a local game cafe. The group, called "The MacGuffins", was energetic, full of interesting and motivated people, and very encouraging to new and existing members.

I did notice, however, that for a writing group, only about half of them actually wrote. But they all gave feedback, and to me, that was the important part.

Sadly, last night they decided to stop getting together. Membership had been in decline, and only one member was consistently putting up content for review. There were a laundry list of reasons, but in the end, they decided to end it.

So be it, and so it goes. There isn't really an upside to this, and I'm going to miss the heck out of their feedback. And at least one of the members (other than me!) is destined for widespread fame and fortune as a writer, so I'm sure I'll seem them around from time to time.

Anyway. Still waiting for my book to finish editing, and at least I got one more round of feedback for the short story I'm sending out Monday! So there's that, at least.

So long, MacGuffins. You'll be missed.