Crafting Worlds

So here's the thing with editing. It's a problem that I think many people have, and is by no means unique to me.

I like creating. I like taking nothing, and making something.

This doesn't just apply to writing. Sure, it's deeply satisfying to take blank paper or an empty screen and fill it with words, but it's also pretty awesome to take silence and make music, or to take white and create colour.

That's the amazing part of creation. That's the thing that gets me out of bed, that keeps me in front of the computer. I love to create.

But here's the problem: that first attempt? It always sucks. Like, always always. In art, you create something awful, you throw it out, and you try again. In music, you practice by yourself, over and over, getting it wrong over and over and over, but eventually you get it right.

In writing? You write, and then you edit. That part there is the key difference... sometimes you throw out what you wrote, but as a usual rule, you refine and modify and *adjust*, not throw out whole hog.

And that part? Gods, it's so frustrating!

Anyway. Back to work! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!