Rejection Number 2!

Just a quick note today. After waiting four and a half months, I finally got a rejection from Asimov's. Took their sweet time about it.

This is the 2nd rejection I've received in 2017 (98 more to go!), but it presents me with a problem. I have a bunch of stories I feel are strong contenders for Asimov's... the right "style", strong stories, et al. But now... if I know it's going to take 4-5 months to get a response... do I want to send a "good" story? Or do I wait for a *perfect* story, since I can't send another while I wait for the response from the first?!

Sigh. I will probably send one to them immediately (as in, tomorrow), and then try to perfect the next one while I wait.

But anyway! Progress. And while 1 rejection every 5 days is good... gotta get 'em faster. Which means submitting more strong stories, which means WRITING more strong stories, which I am going to do right now!