Final Tintian Episode is Up!

Well, it's been a long few months, but I've finally posted all the Episodes for Tintian and the King's Claw.

So far it hasn't been nearly as popular as the Omnibus including all the episodes at once, but who knows? A bunch of people picked up Episode 1 when it was free, and I'll be doing that periodically, so maybe it'll catch on.

Either way, this is the end of publishing my first ebook. Time now to focus on the 2nd novel I'll be posting online... I think I should be finished that one around late February, so you can all look forward to it starting to go online then!

Of course, I'll also have hordes of short stories published here (and for my Patreon supporters!) in the meantime, but for now? I'm going to curl up with the second season of "Star Wars: Rebels" and a good bottle of whiskey and just take it easy for a day.

Back to writing tomorrow!