My First Writer's Convention!

So today is "Wild Writers" in Kitchener/Waterloo. I'm cautiously excited about attending... I think it'll be pretty overwhelming, and probably a lot of scathing commentary on both my writing and on my odds of being a professional writer.

Not maliciously, of course. The industry seems to just be full of people who are trying to helpfully direct everyone into any other occupation other than writing. But maybe that's just me? Who knows.

Either way, I do think it'll be interesting to hang out with other people who identify as writers. I'm also really curious what kind of draw will be at the event... I know one of the people from my writing group will be moderating one of the talks, but that's literally the extent I know about the event.

So I guess we'll see! I'll try to come up with a report afterwards about the event.
Hope everyone else is having exciting Saturdays!