So November is "NaNoWriMo" for many aspiring writers. Nothing wrong with that... for those of you not familiar, the basic shtick of "National Novel Writing Month" is 50,000 words written in the month of November. A steep, but achievable goal.

But not for me this year. First off, I've been writing more than 50,000 words a month every month so far in 2016 (I think October may have only been around 40,000). But secondly, I already have about a dozen longer works on the go... I'm in dire need of buckling down and editing my work, not producing more.

I, personally, hope that a NaNoReaMo catches on... as a writer, the best thing is when people buy more books, whether they're mine or anyone else's. And far too few people read these days...

How about any of you? Planning on any new novel purchases? How is your reading list looking?