Ain't No Place for No Hero

I think one of the hardest things for me to mentally cope with as I've aged is the growing realization that I'll never be a hero.

I mean in the "Aragorn" or "Kelsier" or "Jade" (from Beyond Good and Evil) sense. A hero who goes out and does heroic things. Just never going to be me.

I love writing about those sorts of people, though, and if I can't live a life worth writing about, at least I can write stuff worth reading.

Either way, it's been a slowly dawning thing. I now know I'm never going to be a martial arts master, I'll never be a gold medalist at anything, and I'm certainly never going to be in spaceship hurtling through space-time. Or at least it's remarkably improbable.

Anyway. I should get back to writing. Just having somewhat somber thoughts today, thought I'd share 'em! Hope everyone is doing well!