There Are No Weekends for Writers

Strictly, this isn't true. Writers, just like everyone else, have days we write more, and days we write less. High energy days, and low energy days. Days we stay under the covers until noon, and days that we don't manage to close our eyes until well into the following morning.

That stated, the overriding narrative around writing is always about production: you have to write. You have to make stuff, and you have to send that stuff out, and a tonne of it will be rejected and so you have to send out EVEN MORE and then you repeat that dozens of times.

So every time I have "time off", I'm either prepping for writing (watching good sci-fi, reading good sci-fi, playing good sci-fi), or I'm actually writing. Not a complaint, of course! I love writing. But it does take a lot out of you, for sure.

Anyway, just a thought as I head into Sunday, with a couple novels creeping closer to being finished their first draft.

Oh! Good news! I have a few short stories that I'm planning on putting up here (and for my Patrons... you support me on Patreon, right?) very soon! Hurray!

Rightio! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!