Three little mistakes!

So about 8 of you have now purchased Tintian and the King's Claw. A humble start, but a start! Of those 8, 5 of you will have small little errors in your edition of the book.

They've all been fixed now (so anyone who buys in from last week onwards will see a completely corrected version), but I somehow missed the chapter heading for Chapter 4 (oops!), and there were 2 small typos (both missed by myself and my editor. It happens).

Oh, and a few "m/s2" with the 2 not being in superscript. Fixed those as well.

Still, frustrating that I only found these out from feedback from one of you lovely readers. I really, really appreciate the email they sent me, pointing out the errors, and I quickly corrected them for future readers. Just a perk of being a small self-publisher, I suppose! Either way, will try harder to avoid those problems for the next book!

Speaking of which, "How to Train Your A.I." is coming along slowly, but surely. I'm rewriting the first 3 chapters (again!), and then reworking the majority o the body of the work, but the framework is good and the story is strong, in my opinion. And tonight I'm getting feedback on "Black Box", so we'll see about that one too!